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Us and the environment

Successful sustainability

Did you know?

Our rooms are made exclusively from
natural materials and on site.

to the rooms

For us, sustainability is so much more than just a word.

For several years now, we have been managing our entire company in accordance with the standards of the Austrian and European Eco-Label. Sustainability does not only mean that we pay attention to where our food ingredients come from or how they were produced.

It is an attitude to life that we all live at the Weisses Kreuz:

  • Use all our resources sensibly and sparingly.
  • All people are equally important to us and are treated with the same respect.
  • Responsible shopping - regionality comes first.
Award - The Austrian Eco-Label

Today Austria's most important state-certified environmental label in tourism is awarded in four categories: products, tourism businesses, educational institutions and green meetings & events.

The category "tourism" is concerned with:

Energy-saving measures, environmentally sound waste management, efficient use of resources as well as regional and seasonal cuisine - all these and many more criteria play a role in awarding the Austrian Eco-label to tourism enterprises.

At present there are about 300 businesses (more than 26,000 beds) in Austria, ranging from alpine huts and small private pensions to five-star hotels as well as gastronomy and catering companies that bear the Austrian quality label.


Honest enjoyment



Restaurant and board

Our actions  - an abstract


  • All teas are organic and are produced by Sonnentor!
  • Regional products such as wines from Hagnau on Lake Constance, from Nachbaur in Röthis, Appenzeller Alpenbitter.
  • Our first choice for vegetables is from Vorarlberg or from the island of Reichenau.



  • Veal, beef and pork exclusively from Austria with quality seal.
  • Poultry exclusively from Germany. Use of domestic fish or fish from wild catches. Other, additional products from the region - jams, pasta, fruit schnapps.



  • Installation of a water softening system to reduce the amount of cleaning agents.
  • Conversion of our heating and hot water system with the latest regulation technology.
  • Other regional products - mustard, dumpling bread, free-range eggs and organic wines!


  • We purchase dairy products exclusively from Vorarlberg Milch.
  • The cleaning agents are biodegradable and most of them have the EU Ecolabel.



  • All our printed matter is printed on 100% recycled paper with vegetable inks.
  • Our coffee is Rainforest-Alliance and organic certified.
  • Our mountain cheese comes from the mountain cheese dairy Schoppernau and is produced from hay milk.


  • All our bulbs and spots are up to date. Over 850 LEDs have been installed!
  • Drinks - as far as possible from local producers - such as beer, juices, soft drinks, mineral water.
  • Electricity - 80% hydropower, 5% wind energy, 6% green energy, 8% natural gas, 1% coal - no nuclear power.

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