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Appenzeller Show Dairy

how the holes get into the cheese

In picturesque surroundings, in the middle of the primeval, pre-Alpine hilly country, you will gain an insight into traditional customs and contemporary cheese production in the Appenzell Show Dairy.

Pssst... You are on the trail of the best kept secret! In the visitors gallery of the Appenzeller Show Dairy you can experience the making of Appenzeller cheese live every day. You'll look directly into the 6,000-liter cheese vat, where the milk is processed and the cheese harp is pulled through the thickened mass. The view of 13,500 maturing cheese loaves from of six meters above is impressive. The care of these cheese loaves is fully automatic - it is exciting to watch how it all happens.

But the most important thing is certainly the tasting. Which one do you like best? The "normal" or the "recent" or even the "extra"? And maybe you will take a piece home with you in the store?



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